"...fertile exciting music"

Dubai voted Number One in Peter Watrous' New York Times' Top
Ten Jazz CDs of 1996

A case has been made for Drummond's new persona:
one of the hippest bandleaders now at work.

Jim Macnie, Downbeat

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Ken Micallet, Modern Drummer

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David A. Orthmann, AllAboutJazz

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Today, Drummond is one of the most called for players of his generation, sought by masters (Sonny Rollins, James Moody, Pat Metheny) and excellent peers (Javon Jackson, Christian McBride, Vincent Herring) ... there's nothing ordinary about Dubai, his third Criss Cross CD; two tenors, doubling, over bass and drums (or just cymbals). Bands of drum greats come to mind - Elvin Jones' hypnotic line-weaving, Roach's taut freedom, Jack DeJohnette's chord-free openness - but Drummond carves things with his own flourish.

Fred Bouchard, Downbeat

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Billy Drummond plays superbly throughout. He is exclamatory and insistent on Hip Hop, its theme built out of blippy accents against the percussion, with Bley getting gospelly on it. He quietly whispers behind Sheppard's long, tremulous tenor notes and Swallow's purring bass on Tropical Depression - tightly riding the cymbals on the inquisitive, slightly puzzled sounding Red, dramatic on the more abstract, suite-like title track.

John Fordham, Guardian

4 Star review of Carla Bley and the Lost Chords

Billy Drummond is a powerful and highly musical drummer. He is showcased beautifully in this piano-less quartet setting...Drummond offers his composition as the title track, a middle-eastern sounding line in 7/4 which has the percussionist showing his love for Elvin Jones-esque wailing in support of [Chris] Potter's soprano sax and more tenor from Weiskopf. The track literally burns... Dubai is worth searching out. Billy Drummond has produced a gem of a recording that offers up the best that jazz has to offer. Great tunes, superb musicianship and something new to hear with each listening. I can't keep this out of my CD player

Rick Bruner, AllAboutJazz

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Mr. Drummond was especially impressive for not being a regular part of this group. He just explored the trap set for an hour, continually shifting his focus, working on the edges of the cymbals for a while and then the meat of them, altering his combinations between drums, then aligning in swing with Mr. Wonsey and Mr. Washington.

Ben Ratliff, New York Times LIVE REVIEW

The multi-talented Drummond is a progressive musician. He likes to push the limits of jazz, drawing on its traditions while seeking a vibrant, open-doored present.

Zan Stewart, NJ Star Ledger

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The most vital element here is the anchoring provided by bassist Scott Colley and drummer Billy Drummond. As valuable as Richard Davis and Tony Williams were to Point of Departure, Colley and Drummond interact with Hill in a similar musical dialogue that is characteristic of true jazz improvisation of the highest order

Chris Hovan, AllAboutJazz, review of
Andrew Hill's Dusk

...one couldn't envision the record without the talents of drummer Billy Drummond. His capacity to spur on each soloist and add color to the ensemble is without equal.

Chris Hovan, AllAboutJazz, review of
Walt Weiskopf's Siren

With his crisp, clear sound and ease of articulation, Billy Drummond is a master drummer who makes his set sing. No wonder greats like Sonny Rollins, Freddie Hubbard and Joe Henderson have sought his services.

Zan Stewart, The Star Ledger

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Drummond has valuable ideas as a leader. For Dubai, he assembled a quartet with a fairly rare configuration; two tenor saxophonists and no pianist...he never settles on one rhythmic pattern for long, always suggesting fresh ideas for his musicians and keeping a loose, open feel to the recording.

Ben Ratliff, New York Times

Drummond is one of the most crisp, popping, and sensitive drummers around, and this quartet is a great forum for his style. The ensemble sound is as tight as old school buddies and the soloing is inspired.

Jeff Potter, Modern Drummer

The Gift is a fine piece of work -- imaginative, satisfying and memorable.

David Zych, JazzTimes

Taste and empathy are the hallmarks of drummer Drummond's playing.

George Kanzler, Star-Ledger, Newark

Rhythmatist Drummond directs the proceedings with style and authority on Dubai, a two tenor quartet recording which more than adequately highlights Drummond's refined skills...Drummond makes masterful use of the melodic and harmonic devices at his drumstick-tips.


The elusive essence of a blowing session is captured on drummer Billy Drummond's Dubai.

Sunday Omaha World-Herald

Drummond is a crisp, authoritative drummer without bombast.

Tim Coakley, Sunday Gazette, Schenectady

Drummond's tasteful percussion work teasing and prodding instead of relying on volume...One World is a promising debut by a group which will hopefully be around for some time.

Vinnie Tietro, Whole Life Times

Let's face it -- some jazz musicians have run the post bop groove into the ground, but the quartet Native Colors offers a fresh approach.

Calvin Wilson, Kansas City Star